Prayer Requests

Did you know that there are four ways of requesting prayer support?

  • 1) Intercessions in church – write the name (and need of the prayer request) on the sheet at the back of church – as long as the person involved would be happy that prayers will be said publicly for them.
  • 2) Prayer Chain – this is a way of obtaining prayer support immediately (i.e. in an emergency) by telephoning Joan Ibbotson (2674560) when a telephone link will be put into operation involving over 20 people.
  • 3) Prayer Team – prayer is available at the end of every service, when you have the option of telling us your specific need or just receiving a general prayer. Complete confidentiality is a priority for the team.
  • 4) Prayer Tree – write your request and hang it on the tree, and this will be brought for prayer to the Prayer Team’s monthly meeting.

Saturday 2nd April and the race is on. No, not the London Marathon, not just yet, but the Marathon Lunch in the church hall to help our Nathan with his sponsorship. Lyn and her team of tireless helpers had gathered, priced, baked, cooked, set up and were ready for the off. Doors opened at 11am. After a quiet start things hotted up, and by 2pm seventy meals had been served by the kitchen boys (who surprised us all) of Grahame, Steve Scaife, Terry and Steve Young keeping up supplies of Yorkshire Puddings cooked at home.

Well done lads, you were marvellous. Also, a big thank you to everyone who helped or supported this event. £340 was raised and will go towards sponsor money when Nathan runs on Sunday 17th April. We all wish him well and by the time you read this we shall know if he made the course. Thanks again to everyone and looking forward to the next challenge. (Hope our kitchen staff will be available). Jackie Young on behalf of the L Team.


T here will be an exhibition of calligraphy at The Stables, St. John’s Church, Adel at a Coffee morning on Saturday, 7th May 2005 and after church on Sunday 8th May. The work shown has been done by students at the classes held at the Stables and will include work by both beginners and experienced calligraphers. The lessons are designed to allow beginners to work alongside more experienced workers. I started with a broad, flat pencil and progressed to a broad felt pen and eventually to pen and ink. We learnt several styles of alphabet which followed a logical historical sequence and have become more complicated as we went on. As we started we looked at the work done by more expert students and thought that we would never be able to do as well. It came as quite a shock when we found that newer students looked at us the same way after what seemed to be a relatively short time. Classes are very relaxed and although we pay attention to what we are doing there are no dramas if things go wrong, except for the permanent moan of “I can’t do this”, usually followed by “that’s better”. I have never seen our tutor get cross. Do come and have a look. There will be a wide range of styles. If you feel really inspired come and try a sample class on a Wednesday or Thursday morning. We have disabled access, no experience is needed and you don’t need to be artistic. I use the computer for illustrating but “computer” is something of a “c” word in a calligraphy class.